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I’m here to tell you Confidence can be re-learned.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

(Disclaimer: I am not a therapist or a professional. I am an artist who has mental health disorders PTSD and Bipolar. I will not hide my struggles for the fact that my mission as a business owner is to use art as a therapy to help cope.)

So, this week I wanted to write a mini short story and then talk about a new artwork I'm working on. Along with a new place for sell my artwork. Sorry if this blog post seems all over the place but right now it's how my mind is going.

Story starts here.

Maggie is from New Hampshire and as she was walking to the coffee shop someone stop her and said nice thunder thighs. Maggie quit smiling because now she feels ugly. She spent two hours the night before putting together the outfit she wears for a date at the coffee shop.

She met Danny on Facebook through a mutual friend and he seemed nice. She was nervous that he wouldn't like her. The last couple of dates she has been on the guys mention things about her weight her bright and bold purple hair color.

She was kind of a thick girl, but she was confident in herself most of the time. Sometimes she gets nervous that a guy would want her to change be someone she wasn't. She writes short stories to pass the time while going to college for a fashion designer major.

Life had a funny way of working out she was still with her high school sweetheart until he moved away for college. So, she decided to gain back her confidence. They say in order to love someone else you have to live yourself first.

Story ends here.

This is a story that stayed in the notes on my phone till I decided what else I could do with it. I made this color

I start a project I'm working on coloring it today. But I show you the line work here. I planning to make this a free color page. If you subscribe to the email list this next two months, I will give you the choice of three-color sheets I have available.

I need to clean this sketch up bit . I will do it before I make it into a coloring page.

Upcoming projects:

1.) June’s bullet journal video

2.) Finishing editing chapter five of my memoir

I am also going to put here the link to a new gallery where I sell my art, but my email list people will get a special bonus. I will also post a few artworks that I plan to sell super-fast. My Art pal link:

If you haven't yet please followed me on my social medias and my website:





Xoxo, MariesArtEST2017

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