I'm want to talk about navigating trauma as artist

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I've been handling my own bipolar and PTSD for a long time. I've used negative coping skills for sure but I found one that has made a huge impact on my life. It's made me see some light at the end of a pretty dark tunnel. If I wear to sit and talk to you a like friend. Which I hope we are? I want you yo know that no more how dark my depression gets when I run out of ideas I will come to you and ask for advice on what to draw. I did this the other day as well. I drew a few different things and a subscriber on Twitter (Aria *links below*) suggest to me to combine two of the drawing I never thought to put together.

She responded to my tweet that I should take the skeleton hand and make it hold the coffee cup. I fidbthis but I drew a different version of the coffee cup. I'm going to quote from the Stpehen King I'm reading. "sometimes a story arrives complete -a done thing. Usally, though, they come to me in two parts the cup, then the handle." That's how this idea came for this artwork. I got both cup and handle I'm just needed the suggestion to put them together.

Follow Aria on social medias: Instagram; https://instagram.com/truetales20 Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/TrueTales20 So I sketch it out again and here's the new artwork. I am feeling like their are some other sketch sessions that I could have both parts and just not see it right away.

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