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If at 1st your don't succeed try again. Life is trail and error.

I was swept up into a black Friday deal for a website domain name for $2.00 for one year. From this impulsive buy I learned two things, one something are slow growing but it's okay because your building a business. The seconded lesson sometimes money needs to be spent to help you have a new appreciation for something you took for granted. I was swept away by this deal spent the whole almost two weeks of December preparing to switch from my current website the one your reading this on. My reason for doing this a monthly commitment to another bill scared me so I figured why not for a year only pay one price one time. While trying to edit this new website it wouldn't load on my computer only on my phone or my kindle. So I decided that those $2.00 where meant to teach me a lesson and now I am working on updating my blog post and a few other things.

This year I been tested on many different things in my life. I have reached milestones that some people would prefer to ignore themselves because it's not easy to admit you were wrong or you made a mistake. But once we move beyond that we began to see growth and we make the necessary changes. My mission as an artists is to be transparent so here goes an example of me being raw and real. I had this idea to redo a coloring page I had done a long time ago even before I became an artist. The trail experiment piece didn't world out right. So I didn't share it on my art social media's I just stopped working on it and forgot about it until I did it with another coloring page and it worked out this time. So I show the trail run artwork and then the one that was a successful artwork. 

This is the first time I did it with color pencils. Now I show the second time I did it and I didn't like the way it look. 

Here is the second run and it was a successes. I will also link the blog post that goes more in depth.

Original coloring page.

Next projects to come are:

1.) Part two of my sketch book tour.

2.) Lotus flower evolution.

3.) Also a few more blog posts before the end of 2019.

Digitally done.

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Sincerely,  MariesArtEST2017

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