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Journaling prompts for PTSD and Bipolar

This week I wanted to combine two blog posts with the same topic of journaling prompts for PTSD and Bipolar. There are eight prompts for each.

Bipolar disorder:

How many emotions do I have at this moment?

What is causing me to be depressed in this moment?

Five ways to boost my spirits up?

Five things I know I need to get done on my current to do list?

write a letter to the person who caused you to be angry?

What are two to three emotions I have feeling at this moment?

Do a brain dump just let all your thoughts come out?

What’s one new coping skill I plan test out?


How many flashbacks have I had this week?

How many times have a canceled plans with friends?

What are two ways in which you can cope? (That are mobile you can do from anywhere)

Set a timer for six minutes and do a brain dump. Whatever comes to your mind write it down no matter what it is.

What is the trauma I faced and survived?

What's two coping mechanisms I have right now?

Put on a mediation then journal whatever comes to your mind?

write a letter to the person who caused your trauma?

Art I did this last week:

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