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July comes to an end & my business heads in a new direction.

Hello so this is the last blog post of July and so I going to do some real quick life updates and business updates.

Let's start with something I debated to talk about for a while in-depth. I tried writing my memoir four times. Three were unsuccessful maybe because I wasn't ready to face my traumas head-on. But the fourth time is a success it's 64 pages, a little over 11,000 words. I am looking into self-publishing options.

I have one more life update I'm in recovery after a new medicine I was put on I'm allergic to. So, taking things so and trying to be patient with my body as it recovers.

Business updates I'm do a list then explain more in-depth.

1.) A new style of my business logo

2.) Facebook is no longer going to be used. So follow me on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

3.) I have two new YouTube that will be released on Mondays on YouTube. I will still be doing an email.

4.) New artwork will be posted for sell I am going to give my Instagram and Twitter first dibs before I post to Artpal.


1.) The new logo has one of my favorite drawings I've ever done residents my favorite flower.


2.) Facebook art page no longer being used has many layers like an onion but the basic layers are this. My Facebook was the first page I created to share my art. It has been growing steadily for three years until now. So I made a though hard business decision and let it go.

3.) Mondays was an email day for artwork I wanted to share. Now since making my YouTube Mondays are video days long with an email with the video and a deal on the artwork for sale.


4.) New artwork for sale. It's going to be posted here and then to my social media next Thursday it will go up on my art pal account.

All of these are $5 or donate what you can as long as it over $2 to cover shipping. These are original drawings they are one of kind. If you want a second one message me and I will be happy to talk with you.

Want to get more from me follow me on social media and my website:






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