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June is time I revise my goals for the year.

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Hello to all I thought in this post I share a bit of my bullet journal and my process of revising my 2020 goals in June.

So I start making goals in 2018 and putting them in my journal when I started bullet journaling. I decided last year that June would be the time to revise and simplify my goals.

I going to show you the first half if the year goals then talk about them.

1. Read 25 books for 2020.

2. List the month before highlights.

3. Each month track my progress in my business.

4. A quote or journal prompt I write on.

5. Moon journal prompt.

6. Each month create a video/blog list.

Now let's do goals for 2020 2.0. I talk about how i revise and simplify them.

1. Read 25 books for 2020

2. Highlights from the previous month.

3. Second half of the year goals for my business.

A.) Learn coding or build my own website.

B.) Build a new website on my own or a platform like wix or squarespace.

C.) Be 100% authic in my business.

4. A quote or journal page I right on.

5. Moon Journal pratice.

6. Each month create a blog and video guide list.

I like to refine and simpfiy what I'm actually working toward accomplishing.

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Xoxo, MariesArtEST2017

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