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Lessons I learned as an artist

Two of the biggest lessons I have learned in art is:

the courage to keep trying new techniques and learning new skills.

I started as a artist only working with paints specfically arylic paints.

Then I started to dabble with markers and color pencils.

Before long I was finding my self combining the color pencils with markers and markers

with paint as this began I did an internet search for what type or style this artform was.

I landed on mixmedia art styles. I knew instantly that I was a mix media artist for sure and

this was the start of something new.

New techiques I've learned this year specfically are emboardary on plain canvas

and painting layers with arylic paint. Emboardary is a new artform I dabbled with last year.

I didn't stick with it and have to projects for this year to finsih for thanksgiving and christmas.

I started one for Halloween this month.

A new skill I learned is not cold dm (direct messaging) people to buy my artwork.

It's hard not to be cold in a message when your selling something but it needs to stop.

There is a boundary and social media consent is a real thing.

Here is artwork that just went up in the shop for the fall art upddate:

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