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Let's do a mid year check in

First of all I like to say happy pride month. I am the b in the LGBTQIA+ I want to share some of my pride artwork along with a mid year check in on my goals for the year 2022.

My goals for 2022 were:

  1. 45 books for the year and 10 of those to be poerty books.

  2. Heights of the month before.

  3. Songs I'm liking

  4. Books I'm liking

  5. Mantra of the month.

Since this post will be out june 1st I going to do my goals.

Goal one: So far i've read 18 books, 6 of the 18 being poerty books. So I have 4 more poerty books to meet that goal.

Goal two: As of June 6th I will have been at my nine to five for 2 months. Which is a small milestone compared to the big one of making past three months.

Goal Three: About damn time by Lizzo.

Goal Four:

Goal five: I am stronger than the past me.

Here's some pride art I made a while back:

Artwork I made yesterday:

Here are my links and my book.





Facebook group:

My memoir:

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