Let talk about burnout.

I hate to say it but between a nine to five job and my business I'm a little burned out.

I've been dealing with a burnout and some depression. I'm working through it but for now. This blog post I want keep it short and to the point.

Let's do some of my goals for my business.

Tiktok: 1,000 followers

You can find me at tiktok.com/@mariesartest2017

I want to get 35 followers on YouTube.

Link at bottom of this post.

I want to interview more authors as reading 📚 is a passion of mine.

Now let's discuss the artwork made recently.

Orchids are my favorite flower. I quite like how they can be a variety of colors.

That's going to be it for this post. Leave a comment of encouragement or how to get out of this burnout. I'd appreciate it 😌.

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