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Life update, a business update & a poem.

Let us get raw and real about things this week. Life update and a business update along with a poem.

Life update first: my depression and anxiety have been hard to deal with in the last week. I have been going through the motions but not really living. Having depression sometimes sucks and not finding enjoyment in things I love is hard to admit. I have a wonderful husband and loving two-year-old son. My life is good but thoughts and trauma from the past are hurting me. Yesterday I broke down in tears missing a friend who committed suicide nine almost ten years ago. It still hurts as if it just happened.

Business update: I plan to work to finish my fiction book I am writing that depression has stopped me from doing it for a while along with general busy hectic life. I have not sold any art in a while and it is causing me to feel discouraged about my business. Tonight, as of January 23 I shared my book I wrote about my life story on social media for the first time in months.

Art I have made recently is:

Here was a social media post I made last week. I made it because one it was the truth and two because I hope it resonated with someone else. Let be real about today I am struggling it's been a rough day and working on making the best of the day. Remember it's okay to not always be okay. More artwork tomorrow for sure.

#MentalHealthAwareness #mentalhealth #ptsdawareness #bipolarawareness

Now I am going to end this blog post with a poem I wrote a while back.

Life has purpose.

Life has given me a miracle survived six suicide attempts then at 21 I became pregnant quit self-harming for sober from alcohol. Life has chosen me to be a mother along with mother nature. I will admit he grew up the first six months in a toxic home. Abusive is all I can say about the man who fathered my son. Claimed I cheated on him, but I never did. He cheated on me and that when I finally gained the courage the tell him to get out. He tried to use our sons a pawn to get what he wanted to buy I wouldn't let him. It took time to learn to be okay with the abuse or the last two years, but I did it. I moved back home with my parents. My son turned one years old and the day after one my closest friends asked me out. Eight months later of dating we got married. Seven years of friendship and eight months of him choosing to be with me to be father for my son. I finally got my fairy tale ending my happy ever after. My mental health has been a weight until I used it as my superpower.

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