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Life updates 3/23/2023

I know my post a few week sago was a life update post but it's time for a new one.

Split up with my husband on 3/22/2023 he left and went to work with all his things packed. So, I think I'm taking a mental health week.

Breakups aren't easy and this one has not just me involed But it also affects my child. My son is young so he doesn't understand where the man that been his father figure for the last four has gone to.

I think the best way for me to cover everything is to break it down in small chucks.

One: He cheated on me five times.

Two: he had an on going affair with the fourth girl who was also the fifth. They stop talking for a month then contuined it.

So, I became depressed and my art took the back burner but not anymore.

Artwork I made this week:

Here are my links and my book.





Facebook group:

My memoir:

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