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Updated: Nov 30, 2023

This week on the blog I like to chit chat about my life and art business.

By the time you're reading this Black Friday will have already happened. In my sale on my art will have already ended. I'm not sure that I will have made any sales and that is the sad part of being an artist who is running a business. Sometimes I feel like my business is just a hobby and other times I feel like it is a business. This is not to say that I don't have faith or confidence in my business and it's success. This is just a simple realization and a simple reality. As I am writing this I feel confident that I am in the right direction and in the right step. Let's get on with the updates. As of now I am currently reading a business book, that is not super boring. The title of it is called "Don't suck at business" by Kara Laws.

I have created a few Christmas products and I'm excited for a Christmas launch in the shop. This blog will go out roughly around the same week I will be posting my Christmas products in the shop. I still have two more designs I like to create. To make a coloring book as I have done loads of coloring books in the past. A part of running a business is knowing what products you make will sell. I know for a fact my color books do sell. I'm very excited to create my first Christmas coloring book. As when looking back at my digital files I have not yet created a Christmas coloring book. I have done Valentine's Day, mother's Day and Halloween. As I enjoy you reading along and reading my blog I hope you'll leave me a comment at the end of this blog.

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