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Life updates and some art-block

Honestly this month for about a week and a half I worked my nine to five job and didn't create art.

I worked extra shifts and had little time. Also, I wasn't feeling to creative in making an artwork.

Yesterday I motivated myself to grab my tablet and at least create a back ground. I was able to do that.

Then today I took that back ground and turn it into a lotus flower.

I just got into a walking boot from the hard cast I been in for the last two weeks.

This injury has caused me some pain but more so, I've been in a depression season.

This has been pretty much an injury I had almost the whole dang year.

It's been rough on my mental health but I am better.

I have a had a job that's been fantastic to work with me and my injury.

Sorry for this blog being supper short but I have a messy depression hole and need to go clean up my house.

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