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Living with mental illness and being a mom

This week i like to talk about how I deal with my mental health as a mom.

First thing is I do work a day job to help me have a break from the kiddo also because bills.

I work a five hour day job then come home and either read a book or work on my art business.

Today as i write this post on Sunday. I worked my five hour shift now. working on the blog post.

I already have this week YouTube video made.

This post will go out on Wednesday.

The same day as I go back to the orthopedics doctor and get my stitches out.

Then hopefully i be able to walk without crutches.

I have Bipolar and PTSD so depression is a huge thing for me to watch out for.

While dealing with my ankle I've been super depressed.

Have I told anyone no? But it beginning to show as I snapped at my boyfriend the other day.

My love of reading has gone away just a little.

So , struggling to finish a book that normally would take me no time.

This is better than being at a breaking point which is good that I'm not there.

I love making art but sometimes I get burned out

and turn to other crafting such as sewing, puzzles, embroidery.

Let me give you journal prompt for today:

Make a list of six things that you can do besides your main hobby?

Or that are an extension to your main hobby?

Artwork done this week:

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