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Maintain a good work/life balance

This week I want to talk about maintaining a good work and life balance.

I try to keep my mental health in good condition so I’m make sure my work and life balance is 50% for each. I also have a toddler I’m raising as a stay at home mom.

I work when I have the time or a baby sitter. So my work time has to be managed very well. I plan ahead with a to do list each day. For business and personal tasks.

I take time each day to read my book currently I’m doing a 75 hard reading challenge. That’s making me stop my work and spending time with myself.

I work on my blog every weekend is my prime time to write my blogs. This week I’m finishing it on the day it’s supposed to be up.

Doing a to do list makes me prioritize my tasks for each day. I also doing two habit trackers one for my bullet journal and one for my every day tasks on my to do list.

How do you balance work and life? Leave me a comment with how you do.

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