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Major life update

Good morning and happy Tuesday as i write this. This week a lot of changes are coming into my life very rapidly.

On Sunday I found out i was pregnant by my fiancee. Monday i went to the OBGYN and confirmed I am pregnant by 4 to 5 weeks. Since I share my journey with my mental

health on here it's important to me to share this news.

A list to break down the main changes.

  1. New RV or camper is needed.

  2. To get ready for all the baby stuff we need.

  3. My son who is five is happy for a sibling.

  4. Lots of doctor appointments.

This will be a new chapter and a long journey. Got to make sure the baby is healthily and that I find the medicines safe to take while pregnant for my PTSD and Bipolar.

There might be a changes in posting schedule for YouTube and the blog. The blog is going up today because tomorrow is a baby doctor appointment.

My art business won't be taking a back burner. It will more than ever be focused on to make it successful.

I am also tossing around the idea of writing another book. This one would be about being pregnant and having a baby.

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