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Making Dreams into reality!!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I began the process of recording my dreams into a dream journal. I started doing this on May 21,2019 and so every morning I wake up that I remember my dreams I write them down. I found this layout on Pinterest I believe (picture below).

This has been a great tool to help with my mental health because it is allowing me to remember my dreams more. Which is allowing my to recongize what dreams give me creative inspiration.

Last night I dreamed of dreamer catchers every where so today I took to my sketch book and grabbed my painting supplies and created this dream catcher. Disclaimer I am by no means good with my painting skills on most things but since I am 100% self taught I think I did good for a first attempt.

This before it was finished being painted.

The finished painting of my dream catcher.

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Sincerely, MariesArtEST2017

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