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Mental health tips for parents

I'd like to start this post off with the fact that I am a mom the a four year old boy named Alexander.

I am also a mother who has mental health disorders.

disclamier: I am not a licensed professional.

I am Just a mom and human with mental health reflecitng on my actions I had recentlay and that I hope you avoid.

I wanted to share four tips with you about how to control your anger, fustuartion with your child on a bad mental health day.

Tip One: Do not yell or raise your voice in anger remember to breathe.

Tip two: when your day is tough at work remember there is a little girl or boy who misssed their parents and now the are home.

Tip Three: Remember work stress stays at work don't bring it home and take it out on your child.'

Tip Four: Don't forget that your feelings matter too.

Artwork of this week:

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