Mental health update and a re-post

I am a strong advocate for mental health as I have PTSD and Bipolar. I am wanting to decompress on some hard things with building a business.

Do not build walls. For they are dangerous. Learn you transcend them.

Where to begin is hard but working on my business behind the scenes does not always show my mood. I have been in a stuck spot for a while. I have been ignoring it and now it is not letting me do that.

So, I am taking a mini break to decompress in this blog post. I am feeling stressed out and it helps to do coloring pages so expect to see more. I am waiting on funds to go into my bank for the newest website updates.

I am working on making my YouTube channel grow to 15 people by the end of October. I am going to be making more art products for sell.

Here is an old story that I am re-post.