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Mindfullness drawing

This week on the blog I want to talk about what is mindfull drawing for theapry purposes.

Let's start with the defintion of mindfull drawing.

Mindfulness Drawing: Use drawing as a form of meditation.

Focus on the act of drawing itself, the feel of the materials, and the lines you are creating.

This method is a meditation and drawing something beautfull.

It doesn't even need to be complete drawing it can be just a sketch.

As long as you medating while drawing.

For myself personally I put on music and draw or write.

Right now on Tueday when i am writing this I am listening to classic christmas music.

I know it's thanksgiving week but it's a calming and soothing thing for me to write to.

I drew this the other day and thought it was nice so I sketched it out.

Now to just decied the colors to do for it.

Here's a orantment I drew on my tablet:

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