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Mix media art journaling

Let's talk about what is mixed meida and then art journaling.

Mixed Media Exploration:

Combine various materials in your sketchbook, such as watercolors, colored pencils, ink, and collage.

This allows you to explore the interactions between different mediums.

Art Journaling: Include personal thoughts, quotes, or snippets of text alongside your artwork.

This can add a narrative dimension to your sketchbook

and create a personal artistic journal.

I love to combine various medias into one sketchbook spread. I will use markers then watercolor.

I have used color pencils with crayons. I like to use craft paper sometimes as the back gorund

for a sketch.

I am working hard to bring more varity into the artwork that I am making.

I try to focus on planning out my sketches but sometimes I just go with the flow

and let my imangination go wild.

I wanna work on a painting this week and foucs on a lotus flower on a lilly pad.

I want to use this digtial artwork has a refernece for the painting.

This was done in 2019 and it's one of my favorite paintings i've done from florida.

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