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Mommy & Me Art Projects: 9 Fun toddler room Ideas your kids will love doing together.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

As a busy mom, mommy, and me art projects allow me to connect with my son and create a lasting memory. Projects that merge function and fun like these fun toddler room ideas are a lifesaver. Not only are we making memories, we get to spend time together, check something off of my running to-do list, and possibly save money in the process. If your toddlers love doing things with mom, they'll love creating these mommy and me crafts with you for their room.

Mommy and Me Crafts for Kids Room:

  • Use washi tape to create and decorate zones. Let your kids go crazy.

  • Label bucket-bins with stickers of the items inside

  • Make a memory rug with: Pick photos together, print photos on squares of fabric,

  • Use toys for storage

  • Paint action figures and use them as hooks

  • Handmade wall art

  • Sew decorative pillows

  • Create a parking garage with boxes and duct tape

  • Chalk Paint wall:

  • DIY No Sew Curtains

How can I make my child's room beautiful without spending money?

With a little elbow grease, you can make your child's room beautiful and spend more time with your kid all at the same time. And, you don't have to pay a lot of money to do it. These ten fun and creative mommy and me crafts enable you to do just that. These activities are budget-friendly. How? Use toys already available in your home, up-cycling, and a few trips to the dollar store. You can turn your kid's room into a beautiful work of art while connecting together. Even chores can be fun when we do them together.

How do you make a kid's room creative?

It may seem like a huge task, but trust me, it's not. Creativity simply needs space to develop. So, make space. Create freedom to dream, to imagine, to try new things. You can do this in many ways. A few ideas are to make drawing tools and writing space easily available. Rather through wall art, easels, or easily accessible coloring books, give your kids space to release the things their brains allow them to think. You can also do this by letting your children tell you what they would like in their room and actively incorporate even their wildest ideas. Even if you don't understand or appreciate it (within reason, of course). Lastly, create zones: small play areas with different developmental focuses. This includes a space where your toddler can play with water and make a mess without it being a big deal. It could be a green screen area because my toddler is obsessed with recording things now. Consider the things your little one is interested in and give them spaces in their room to further explore those ideas.

DIY IDEAS for Kids Room: Mommy and me art projects

Now, here are a few fun art projects for mommy and toddlers to do together. We moms have a lot on our plate. Creating order in your home is a time management goldmine. When you know where things are, you can cook faster, clean quicker, and run out of the house in an instant with all things necessary in hand. Because you knew where you would find them. The projects on this list provide you with ten kids' art ideas to save you time and allows you to be creative and have fun with your kids in the process.

1. Art Projects for Kids: Washi Tape

Use washi tape to create and decorate zones. Let your kids go crazy. Washi Tape is a less aggressive duct tape. It comes in all colors and widths, and it sticks to most walls with ease. Washi tape can be used to make designs, shapes, words, etc., and can also be removed without damaging your walls. Perfect for renters or buyers. It's basically a gift from God and you and your child will absolutely love it. You can quite literally let them go crazy because they can't really do any damage. Mix colors, create an abstract piece of wall art, or follow directions with well-thought-out plans. Either way, your kid's room will have a little more pizazz, and you will have gotten more time to connect with your little one as you do much-needed reorganizing to their space.

2. Label bucket-bins with stickers of the items inside

This idea is really fun if you have toddlers who love stickers. I mean, what toddler doesn't?!? While decorating your kid's room, organize kids' toys, books, clothes (the list is endless) with bins or buckets. The fun part is the mommy and me sticker party you and your little one can have labeled the buckets-bins. Simply find stickers of some of your kid's favorite characters doing things related to what's in the bins. Paste a million and one sticker of Catboy reading books for your book bin, or Owlett kicking a soccer ball for your ball bin or outdoor toy bucket. It's that easy. This mommy and me art project is beyond simple.

Benefits of Organizing Kids Room with labels

  • Quick and easy project

  • No-mess project

  • Budget-friendly kids art project: the dollar store has many sticker options with popular kids characters

  • Faster room cleanup because your toddler has a visual reference for where everything goes

  • Busy moms tackle two tasks at once: fun quality time and easy kids room organization.

  • With toddlers sharing the responsibility of cleaning up their messes, mommy has more time for other chores or a lot more fun.

3. Toddler Room Ideas: Make a memory rug with:

One of my most vivid memories from elementary school is the big, colorful alphabet rug. It helped us kids learn and remember our letters, and it was stimulating. How much fun would it be to make a rug like that with your kids? But, take away the letters and insert memories. Pick photos together of a few fun, family memories. Try to keep the ones that are of great quality and that have bright colors. Print photos on squares of fabric, and sew the squares together. Trust me, even the most basic sewing skills will suffice.

However, if sewing isn't your jam, don't worry. You can use no-sew seam glue or print a few squares of photos onto transfer paper and steam the images on a ready-made rug. There are so many options for this fun and creative mommy and me memory rug.

4. Toddler Room Ideas: Use toys for storage

Talk about fun and exciting toddler room ideas. Take your son's big Tonka trucks or other large toy items and use a little imagination. Listen, screw one of those toy trailers on the wall or prop them on a shelf. Fill them with smaller toys for cool toy storage items that your kids will love. This storage idea organizes their room, decorates their space with things you know they love, teaches them to repurpose things, and encourages upcycling. It enhances their imagination and their ability to creatively problem-solve. Also, it gives your children more time with you, which is the most important factor. There are nothing but benefits to this clever toy storage idea.

5. Paint action figures and use them as hooks

Art projects don't have to be hard. This simple, family fun project is magic for bedroom makeover ideas. OFF THE RECORD MOM, my blog is all about organizing your life so you can make more space for what matters. For me, and I'm sure you too, my kid matters most. I love to make things special for him, but I simply don't have time to do personalized stuff from scratch. But, I won't pretend that balancing mom preneurship and spending "enough" time with my son is easy. That's why I love these creative hacks so much. I'm able to have fun with him in a way that he enjoys and receives love- through play. This fun project involves paint. So, take out your kid-friendly, washable paint. Get a brush and paint away.

It's ok if your kid makes a mistake. That's all a part of the fun. After all, it's art! Once the paint dries, all you have to do is cut the action figure (toy) in half and glue the cut edge to a piece of plywood. You can paint that too if you like. Now you have more hooks and more hooks and more space in your kid's room. And personalized room decor.

6. Mommy and Me Art Projects: Handmade wall art

Even if you're a beginner at kid arts and crafts, you will love making handmade wall art. Simple and kid-proof mommy and me art projects: a fun, creative way to mom with intention. It's a great start to massive fun and cute kids' room decor. All you need is paper, drawing material (markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc), and cheap frames. Draw funny pictures in the colors that match or highlight the colors in your child's bedroom. Frame those pictures in affordable but adorable frames. Hang those frames on the walls above the bed frame or across the room as an accent piece. Quick and easy is an understatement when it comes to handmade wall art. It's the perfect project for mommy and mini.

Sew decorative pillows for toddler room decor ideas

Decorative pillows can make a room. They add texture, color, and sometimes fun, personalized elements. Sew decorative pillowcases for an easy and relaxing mommy and me activity. Here's a tip, leave one of the edges open so you can stuff it with cotton. You can also add glow-in-the-dark spray paint to the cotton pillow stuffing for a unique bedtime experience if you're up for it.

7. No Sew Kids Room Curtains

Sewing tasks can be daunting if you’re not a seamstress, but just as you saw above, there are many options available for simple, no-fuss, no-sew projects. This is definitely one of those options. You and your kid can have a day at the fabric store, which is easy to get lost in by the way. The two of you can pick out colorful fabric with interesting shapes and patterns. Trims would even be an exciting add on. Things like tassels, stones, and other hardware could help to personalize your kids' room curtains. All you would need is gorilla glue for the hardware and seam glue to enclose a curtain rod in one of the fabric edges and to hide the raw seams of the other edges.

8. Fun Mommy and Me Art Project:

Create a parking garage with boxes and duct tape

For some reason, toddlers have a lot of fun with boxes. I can remember my son's first few Christmases where he wasn't at all interested in the toys but was very awe-struck by the boxes that the toy gifts came in. Sounds familiar? Well, "Give the kids what they want", I say. Boxes it is. Take a few boxes and decorate them with construction paper or wrapping paper. Then, simply duct tape all of them together with thick, colorful duct tape. The kids will enjoy decorating the boxes and getting to park their cars in their new garage. It's all fun.

9. Mommy and Me Craft: Chalk Paint wall:

Let's paint the wall. Chalk paint gives you flexibility in your kid's room. Today we can draw a tree on the wall. Tomorrow we can practice our ABCs. So many choices. I love this practical mommy and me craft because one day of mommy and me painting leads to never-ending fun. Once the paint dries, you and your toddler can go on fun chalk adventures every single day of the week. Great for big or small kids rooms, apartments, or houses. Chalk paint walls are a gift that keeps on giving. Best of all, you don't need to know how to draw to make a great kid's art project.

Kids art drawing Ideas Pinterest:

- Animal Cartoons

- Cars and Trucks

- Interactive drawings: create art that you and your child can be a part of. Then, have a photo-shoot

These crafts help mommy's and minis spend time with one another doing special, creative activities. They promote bonding, imagination and also give mom a little more time in her day. No matter which art ideas you choose, you and your toddler will have a great time together. It's not about what you do. It's about taking the time to create lasting memories, and organizing your life, especially together, does just that.

Diamond Janae

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