More on the business side of art & a short story

What have you learned using social media for your art business?

One of the things I have learned is that using hashtags are very helpful they get your posts with more of the audience that your posts are geared toward. I am working to grow my audience organically and although is a long process it is worth it. Some of the places I have my art shared on is Instagram, twitter, YouTube, and on my website.

I made this quote yesterday and it is coming straight from my brain.

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November will be packed with blog posts and videos. I am debating to work on a new sketchbook tour video, but I am not sure if it is going to work since my sketchbook has grown a lot. November bullet journal video will be coming out on the first of November 1st.

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I am not to sure what else to write so I am going to add a short into the rest of this blog post.

She fought the war with her inner demons & won.

Disclaimer: this is a work if fiction. I am not a therapist. If you're in a abusive relationship reach out for help. The national help line is: 1- 800-799-7233

Kendra was a beautiful woman but what her co-workers did not know was she came from a troubled past. Her ex-boyfriend was abusive and had begun stalking her after the break up. He used to fly in a anger filled range when she would come home late. He would accuse her of being unfaithful. Of course, Kendra would just be coming home from work. Her brother called her phone to set up a lunch date with her when Anthony came in the room and smacked her for speaking to a man. "It's just Luke my brother wanting to take me out to lunch. To celebrate my work promotion.", Said Kendra.

The whole time this was going on Luke grabbed his girlfriend phone to record the conversation and call police while keeping Kendra in the phone. She said I'm okay now just sitting in the closet where I'm safe. I'm drinking a cup of coffee.

Luke called the police they went to Kendra home and arrested Anthony for domestic violence. He went to Prison for five years and while he w