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Mushroom in fairy world

This week I'd like to share a short story I've been writing with you. It's inspired by a sitcker i bought more on that at the end of the blog post.

Mushroom in fairy world

Annabell the fairy sat under favorite mushrooom.

She was thinking about her life and how could she just want to run away.

Life's got her in its grips of anguish and disapair.

She just needs a new book to read.

To get a new book she must travel into the human relam to retrieve one.

Anxious about her upcoming adventure.

While she prepares to go on to the adventure Austin tells her he loves her.

She is shocked and confused by his profession of love.

So, when he said hel oved her she was confused becuase it's only been a been two months.

He asked her to meet him under her favorite mushroom.

When she arrived there he was standing with wild flowers and said it again.

She blushed and said I love you too.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop my adventure to the human realam.

The sticker that inspired this story sits in my journal in the midddle of the story.

The mushroom sticker is by Ataraxiaowl Creative Mandalas.

You can find her on these links:



The mushroom sticker:


Here are my links and my book.





Facebook group:


My memoir:

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