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My favorite art tools and a drawing tutorial

I want to talk about my favorite art tools and a how to draw tutorial set by step. The tutorial will also be on my YouTube channel.

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I am just going to list my favorite tools then explain why I like them. Also give links if you want to buy them.

1. Crayola super tip markers

2. Sharpie markers

3. Sivo color pencils

Crayola super tips is where we will start. I am really liking these markers to color with but to mainly do my bullet journal habit tracker with. I got to do a review on them I put that blog link here: I am planning to do my artwork tutorial with them today for this blog post. Link here:

Sharpie markers I own a lot of them and have not used them until last month when I Created my October bullet journal with them. I started making November bullet journal and am using them also to create spread. Hoping soon to get a tripod for my camera so I can do more in depth YouTube videos. I am not going to put a link because I gotten my sharpies from multiple places.

SiVO color pencils I have had my set for two years now and they are just now starting to need to be thrown out because they have gotten short from using them so much. I also have a heavy hand so sharping them regularly. You can buy them on Amazon:

I am going to digital draw a lotus flower and rose then I color them in step two.

Step one:

Step Two:

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My Story of Overcoming: My Memoir by Marie Owens

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