My vision for MariesArtEST2017 by June 2020.

Happy first full week of January 2020. I started college back yesterday so if was time to set realistic goals for MariesArtEST2017. So this is my rough run down of where I want my business to go into 2020.

At the end of January 2020 I want to add too and update the website for 2020. I changed the main page video from 2019 Bullet Journal cover to 19 drawings of 2019. I want to add a video library of all my video made to date.

Please let me know what the would like as a freebie bonus for signing up for the email list when you subscribe. Every Monday I will be doing a social post with exclusive art.

I reached 100 followers on my Facebook page which is the first social account I ever shared my artwork on. I am giving away these bookmarks in celebration of 100 followers. All expect Deadpool are available.