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New year new attitude

Welcome to 2022 and bu the time your reading this I will have done a shop reset with new products.

Let's talk about somethings I am no longer letting my troll thoughts invade my mindset. I know my art and blogs are serving their purpose for myself and my followers/readers.

So let's have a quick chat. Grab coffee , tea or some type of beverage. I want to talk about what my year in the blog going to look like.

I will be posting every Tuesday or Wednesday depending if I'm busy on a Wednesday. My emails will go out the same day the blog post does. For updates follow me on Instagram or Twitter maybe join my art facebook group.

If your on YouTube follow me @MariesArtEST2017 and I post new videos on mondays.

I have ideas for many blog posts but I also want to do a guest blog post each month as a way to help showcase others in the art and mental health field.

Disclaimer: I'm not a mental health professional. I'm just someone who has mental helath and shares what's help me in my jo


Wanna see a topic talked about don't see it on the blog message me on my website on the contact from or message me on social media. All links will be at the bottom of the post.

Let's talk about the art Facebook group once I reach 30 members I be doing a giveaway.

Here is the new art listed in my shop.

These are all available in my shop @

For now that's all the news and updates I have. I hope you have a great new years and the you continue to enjoy my blog and artwork.

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Facebook group:

My memoir:

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