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Newest creative project announcement I made my own bullet journal/ planner

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Hello to yall so about a week ago I began what usually is a long and hard process to find a new journal or planner when you current one is coming to an end. November has made it one year since I began my bullet journal journey. I always found myself getting stressed out because I had to have a planner and my journal as to separate notebooks. I knew bullet journaling was becoming a new trend. Not always one to hop on the new trend band wagon but I decided to give it a try. Now I sit here and am talking about going deeper with this process of an organizational system. I am a mom, a college student, and an entrepreneur so there are so many different appointments and tasks I need to keep track of, and it makes it so simple to be able to open one notebook and see everything I need to do for that week.

After not really looking forward the process of shopping around for a new journal and finding the features I like to have in my journal. So, I was walking around in my local dollar store and I came across these layouts for making your own planner. For some reason it never accrued to me that if a product we want to use doesn't exist what is stopping us from making are dreams into reality. We need to realize that every new product is created because someone took their ideas and made it into reality.

Items I bought:

Tab dividers, border stickers, calendar flag Clips, elastic band, blank calendar Pages, graph paper, mini binder, page protectors. (All bought between Walmart, and dollar store.)

So, this is where I decided it is about time, I am making unnecessary sacrifices when I don't need to or have too anymore. I went on Pinterest and found these printable labels so I could make a cute label on the cover of my planner.

Picture below:

(Label can be found at this link: on Pinterest)

l made my own planner to start in January 2020. Being a creative person, this was a fun task. If you want to do on your own instructions are simple. First figure out if you want to do a regular size three ring binder or a mini one like mine. The next step is to go down the stationary isle to get the things you want to include in this planner/ bullet journal. Then decide the type of paper you plan to use. I decide to use graph paper that came as a pad with graph paper on one side and lined paper on the back side. Once all those things are figure out next is the do a rough layout.

At this point go check out the video link here:



Post link here to the full video up on website and social media.

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