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News and a letter from motivation

Hello a good morning it's Friday. I do appolgize for not posting this blog post yesterday I had a family emergency come up.

Annocument I am no longer doing my Facebook art page. It is just not getting the attraction it needs. I've felt like I been stretching myself really thin so this is my decision. I do still have Instagram and Twitter. I created a YouTube channel for my art. Currently uploading old video at the moment. I am selling my art on mercari and artpal. All links will be at the end of this post.

Having a rough and stressful week.  I decided to color this coloring page before I started to work on typing up my blog post for today. Sometimes we need our inner child.

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Ever feel like you've lost your motivation on a project or getting out of bed. I have this week so I did this letter/ free verse poem in my journal. It was meant to be just for me but I decided it might inspire someone else so here it is for you.

A letter from your motivation:

Good morning you woke up today and are able to enjoy another day.

As you walk into the kitchen to start your coffee remember to check your plants. Remove the dead flowers and leaves so that it can grow.

 You made it another day as you make your coffee. Pet your animals unless they are fish them feed them. Make your breakfast you cant be super productive on no food. Sit and eat maybe read a book or listen to an audio book to awaken your mind. Now time for a shower and your makeup routine if you wear makeup. If not a big makeup person have a skin care routine.

Wash your face grab your makeup. Think of it not as a mask but as a mask but a but as a canvas to inspire the world. Soon it's off to work.

Don't forget to grab your water and lunch both very important for your body. As you walk out the door grab your hat. Even if you cant wear it in to work you can at least feel confident in your journey to work. It's a comfort for you. It gives you less anxiety. Was work hard make a meal that shake it away but cooking a comfort food.

Until you need a kind reminder that someone hear for you I will a bit you a good day.

Hugs, motivation

P.S. Tomorrow a new day and today not getting to be bad.

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