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Nine tips on putting art in your book.

This week on the blog I talk about nine tips on putting artwork in your book.

1. Plan Ahead: Decide where and how you want to incorporate your art in the book early in the planning process.

For me I rough drafted each chapter of my memoir first with the artwork.

The second chapter in my book includes several pictures of my orginal poems in it fopr refernce.

2. Art Placement: Determine where in the book your artwork will be placed.

placemnet is inmportant because you need to wrpa your text most likely around the artwork.

3. Size and Resolution: Ensure that the images of your artwork are of high quality and resolution.

You don't need to be a photo editing wizard however you need to be skilled at be sure you sixe it right.

4. Consistency: Maintain a consistent style throughout the book.

Try your best to keep the same style of arteork thorugh the book.

In my case I am a mixed media artist so my book has mnay different art styles in it.

5. Captions and Descriptions: Provide captions or descriptions for each piece of art.

This helps your reader understand why your showing the artowrk in the pituclar part of the book.

6. Art Placement in Text: If you're integrating art with text, ensure that it doesn't disrupt the reading experience.

Make sure your is not with a font that is distrcting to the reader or looks diferent than your main body of text.

7. File Format: Save your artwork in a format suitable for print, such as TIFF or high-resolution JPEG.

Very self explantory but a gernal rule of thumb.

8. Color Management: Be mindful of color management. What you see on your computer screen may differ from what appears in print.

This is were an arc or your smple draft comes in handy. This is a way to help you plan your artwork if it need sto be changed.

9. Test Printing: Before finalizing the book, print a test copy to check how your artwork looks in the actual book format.

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