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One of my biggest passions. Is it time?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Hello this will be hard for me to put into words. My first Passion is writing poems and now it has been adding art to my list of Passions.

I am never going to hide the fact that mental health has always been a struggle to cope with but art has helped me.

over the years I was always moving so it made it hard not to lose something which sucked so I have a lot of poems lost and only a handful left.

My dream has always been to write a book. I started and given up before but a friend has encouraged me to try one more time.

my dad has always encouraged my love for books. Little did he know that one day I'd only remember him through the letters to which he would write me. They became my bedtime stories.

Art has a nice effect on my mental health. My angry mood swings have calmed down when I make art.

Anxiety has taken the front of my mind. My heart has began helping me to channel my energy.

I am considering on starting to write my autobiography because I think it's time to.  How will it go we will see.

I took two days for myself when you read this on Wednesday I will be back.

It's now after 1 pm I have done an art challenge from one of the art groups I'm in.

I've always cluttered my journals up with poems and quotes so I bought the journal I drew also the journal this blog post is being drafted in. 

" Give up perfect being for being authentic."  unknown

I understand that criticism is a part of life. But I also know I'm not perfect and my grammar ain't always the best but it makes me feel good to be  my true self.


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