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Paint projects and Tips on Bipolar disorder

This week for the blog I want to talk about the projects I currently have in the works and about Bipolar disorder.

I am all about repurposing things I had these old painting that got dirty, so I am going to repaint them. They are good wood canvas minus the stains from being packed up. I am planning to paint a rose on one and the other one will have saying on it.

I am planning to list some paintings in my shop that I have the I want to sell. I am planning to re list more stuff in my shop.

I want to write about my mental health as of late. I am okay I am just feeling tried and drained but being a mother, I am pushing through the lack of energy. My son is two years old so lots of energy and enormous energy is taken from me. Working on my business is a fire in my soul it is one of the things that gets me out of my bed in the morning.

The fact that I accomplished one of my goals for January and it only the 11th as I write this. My goal was by the end of January to have 20 subscribers. I started at 15 and now I have reached my goal. Which makes me super happy as I work hard to make videos each Monday.

Working on my mental health has always been a goal of mine recently I am working hard to be better. I gotten my back into journaling more and not just bullet journaling.

I want to share some tips I have for dealing and coping with Bipolar disorder.

Hello, my name is Marie Owens of MariesArtEST2017 and I want to share the tools I've discovered in coping with Bipolar.

I knew at a young age my mood swings were not normal teenage mood swings. I also knew that my father was Bipolar and would often go off his medicine.

Since I was 18 years old, I was officially diagnosed as having Bipolar along with per-existing PTSD. I was put on another medicine that was supposed to help with my PTSD and bipolar. Well knew I had work to control my emotions myself.

1.) Find a positive way to release your anger: I do this by listening to music or doing art.

2.) Don't expect people to know that you are suffering if you don't reach out and ask for help.

3.) Work at what you know your weakness are and work on them a little bit at a time.

4.) Never let people get under your skin (find out what triggers you and express that to people in your life who do those things).

5.) Find a way to express your anger positively and maybe creatively.

6.) Create a bag to help you cope on the go. Example: In my bag I have cinnamon sticks to chew on, I have a fidget cube to help me with distracting my mind by doing the tasks on the fidget cube, a stress ball, and positive statements about myself.

7.) Write in your journal what your proudest moment or achievement that day was.

8.) Reach out to a support group weather it's on Facebook or in your community.

9.) Have a system to make your to do list for each day and try your best to stick to it.

10.) Allow yourself to open up to a few trusted people and soon you will be able to see things in a different light and maybe a little bit of an outside perspective.

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