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Poems and artwork

For this week’s blog post I wanted to share some poems I wrote a long time ago.

I want to start by saying these are old poems that I am going to be sharing. They might not be Grammatically correct but that is not necessarily the point. The point is to write out my raw real feelings to get them out into the light.

No title

Only a few can accept me for me! I feel like if you do not care then goodbye.

I was in a dark place when I wrote this, and I have grown up but still I don't have the patience or time for fake people.

Find some company

I want to find some sweet company. I do not want people to judge me anymore. I just want to be loved for me. Do not fight with me when I say what is on my mind.

Do not judge me when I say that he means so much I cannot explain. I do not tell him I love him and another man. I want to only love him. But it is not that easy to do.

I am working toward what god has invested in me to be. God has this wonderful plan for me.

Here is my latest hand drawing with a cactus.

How to just be yourself

Do not let anyone tell you how to be. Make your own life choices. Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. I used to hide in the shadows and run from my demons. Until I learned to stand up for myself.

Getting bullied was something I expected to happen to me. It never occurred to me to stand up for myself.

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My Story of Overcoming: My Memoir by Marie Owens

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