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PTSD and Bipolar prompts

Not sure where I should begin with this post. I have decided that I am going to pause on doing the series of a book I wrote because my post views aren’t good. So welcome back to normal blog posts.

Today is a good day for a few reasons. I have been focusing on my mind set toward my job and my art business. I still work a 9 to 5 job so I been doing my art on breaks and on my off days which has been one day a week. My anxiety has been less intense the last two weeks. I lost my previous job and so I started my current job. I want to share some things I that I been using to cope to with. Also, I am going to share some journal prompts for bipolar and PTSD. Four things that I am using to help me cope are:

  1. Music I found an artist my husband listens to that I like after I prejudged the artist music. The artist is Tom McDonald his YouTube is:

  1. My travels journal that my husband got me that has a journal and sketchbook in it so I can do sketches while at work. The link for the notebook is:

Journal prompts for bipolar disorder:

  1. How many emotions do I have at this moment?

  1. What is causing me to be depressed in this moment?

  1. Five ways to boost my spirits up?

  1. Five things I know I need to get done on my current to do list?

These are four simple prompts that you can use to be aware of your emotions, to slow down your mind, and allow your mind to see what needs to get done on your to do list. Journal prompts for PTSD:

  1. How many flashbacks have I had this week?

  1. How many times have a canceled plans with friends?

  1. What are two ways in which you can cope? (That are mobile you can do from anywhere)

  1. Set a timer for six minutes and do a brain dump. Whatever comes to your mind write it down no matter what it is.

Art I did this week is:

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