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Pumpkin art tutorial

This is a simple basic drawing that can be used as a warm up to a bigger drawing project.

Today I wanted to share a drawing tutorial for spooky season. As I've been spending a lot of my time at work I have lots a bit of creativity so I want to go back to the basics and do something fun. I thought it be a cool idea to share it on the blog and do a little more art focus blog for this week.

I drew this pumpkin on a windows computer using paint 3d.

Step one: Is to choose a background color. I choose gray because it made the colors pop. I then drew the shape of the pumpkin.

Step two: I added the pumpkin's lines and leaf to the pumpkin.

Step three: I darkened my lines and then added the colors. A basic orange, brown for the steam, and green for the leaf.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I see you back soon for another tutorial.

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