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Real talk I'm not okay

Real talk is hard for me but let's do it today.

I am Depressed working a 9 to 5 I hate because we are super short on staff. I am raising a two year old. My husband and I have been fighting lately. All this is being bottled which isn't healthy.

I am trying to keep my business going which isn't easy all the time. Today I spent 20 mintues on an art project and it was ruined by my son. I got upset angry and took it out on him which I now know is wrong. I'm tried of feeling like I'm shit.

Here the art work before it got messed up.

So I cried panicked then clammed down and re did the whole painting again. I use the same color palate I did the first time minus one marker in a shade i had to use a darker one.

Here is a picture of the remake.

I feel mom guilt today which sucks. But I am worki g on my mental health and trying to balance everything in between.

I hope you didn't mind this weeks post being a rant and getting the gs off my chest.

Xoxo mariesartest2017

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