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Romance isn't dead.

Roxanna woke up this morning and knew that she didn't want to get out of bed. She laid their a few more minutes before she realized she had a meeting at work. So, she got up got into the shower. Started the coffee pot brew her favorite coffee.

Today she really missed the feeling of being with someone else especially with valentine's day being tomorrow. Maybe she could hit up an old friend the grab her phone and went onto Facebook. She was surprised with a friend sending her a message that someone wanted to talk with her again, but he said you had him block. She checked her block list and unblocked him and sent us a message to him.

After she got in her car to get ready to leave for work, he texted her back Hello been a long time no talk. Roxanna responded yeah; I was promoted after I filled in for a higher up in my company. Did the job so well they gave it to me. Call me so I can be hands free while driving to work.

They talked for the whole drive to work about 45 minutes just catching up. He asked her when she was going to be off if they could get a drink together. She said that sounds good to me. Little did she know it would be a special place to have drinks his own bar and grill.

He told her that he was going to have a present for her and he have it delivered to her office. He just needed the address. Anxious about telling him where she worked but she said what the hell and gave it to him. She didn't want to stay shut off from people. Or from the world any longer.

Lunch time came and she decided she didn't want to miss her present, so she order take out. Her came then she was about to leave her office for the bathroom when a mail boy came and brought her a box. She opened the box saw and read it. The note said:

"We know one another for six years you've been good friend to me. We tried to date one or two times, but it didn't work out. So now I'm trying again but with woo a d romance. Here a gift to show I’m in it for the long hall this time."

She removes all the tissue paper and boom a little black box she opened it and saw a ring with pearls around it.

She was in shock that this all was happening but decided to allow this romance just this once. She felt like a fairy-tale princess. Magic does exist still in relationships you just have to find the one you spark with.

The end.

Upcoming projects are:

Ÿ1.) Recolor video part 3

Ÿ 2.) Me talking about my memoir a little bit

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