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Routine as an artist

Welcome to the blog I hope you enjoy getting to learn about my routine as an artist.

Have the motivation to create art first. If I don’t then I will get on Pinterest or Instagram. To find something I think would be cool to draw. Or a few things I can mash together into one drawing. Lately with working my 9 to 5 job I haven’t been super inspirated. I also been dealt with a bit of depression. Finally getting out of the funk and back to central standing point but now I'm better.

Today’s mission: One is post on my socials about my black Friday sale. Two dig out my sketchbook and put something winter themed on the paper. Three do some business training I haven’t had the energy to do. Four responds to emails and dm’s. Lastly five finishes today to do list.

Artwork I last did:

Want to get more from me follow me on social media and my website:

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