Sharing my first passion (poetry) and my new passion art!

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

While going through some things I found some poems back from the time when poetry and writing what's my passion. Because I am now more of an artist then a writer, I want to combine these poems with works of art that I've done.

It seems most of my blog post that are most viewed have to do with my story and the art that has been those posts. So here we go laying my heart on my sleeve.

I have four poems about the same time of my life that I want to put into a story and then add art with it.

Poem one mind spell.

Alone and afraid scared bruised and beaten.

When the gut-wrenching pain is happening, I feel like screaming.

Tears roll down my beat red face.

Running, driving anything to get away.

Escaping the memories, the pain last all over again.

Feeling alone in the misery that is called life.

(This is a coloring page that I printed out and then colored with markers.)

Poem two dreams unfold into nightmares.

my dream was peaceful until it and fold it into a nightmare. I felt like the grim reaper was knocking at my door. Why not answer because I am not ready to leave. I still have plenty left to do in this world too much to accomplish.

my dreams are not achieved yet I want to finish them. I still feel like my feet are running and I am staying in place. Take all these hurtful thoughts away before I scream.

I don't want to fall anymore. I'm tired of falling into nothing at all.

(Written by me August 31, 2013)

Poem three: Dark love.

Some people want to be loved, lots of people feel alone.

Lynn knows she has a problem with death.

When has come close to dying before, then she went to the psychiatric hospital where she met Foster.

Foster promised her what she always wanted, a happy relationship, to be a listener for all her problems.

Foster and Lynn both had trust issues but are working on it together.

"I love you Foster!", Said Lynn. "I love you Lynn and want to marry you.", Said Foster.