Shop Updates Along with General Website: Expectations vs. Reality

Hello to all,

I want to start by saying thanks for allowing me to bright up your day with my artwork. I hope that each time I website you guys go scroll through it. You enjoy the work I have put into the website. I have built it from a temple on WIX and worked to learn the ends and outs of editing myself with some occasional help from my cousin who has a degree in web design. So, this is the second time I have done a shop on my website. The first time I hadn’t sold any artwork yet and I also hadn’t gained a large enough of a following yet. This is time of revolutionary changes having to my website to prepare for the rest of 2020.

Today the website’s shop will be update with a few new artwork’s for sale. One of those will be another one of a kind painting. I will also be updating my services and offering to draw anything you’d like along with a list of mediums you can choose for color. These will only cost six dollars unless you want a canvas painting then It will be Ten dollars {this includes shipping and handling}. I will be offering up to five of these custom pieces at this time.

The discounts on the website will remain until March 8, 2020. The email list will receive their promo code again today with any other offer in it. I am also panning on adding an about page to my website with a picture of me and a little of my backstory. I will also be updating my social medias as well. I am planning to draw a sketch to use as a cover photo for my social medias.

I am also going to start doing bullet j