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Six tips for using your sketchbook

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Hello to all of you my readers. I hope if you read this blog post you’ll leave a comment on what your thoughts are on it.

I wanted to give you six tips on how to use your sketchbook.

Tip one: Grab a pencil and just start sketching you don’t necessarily have to have an idea in mind.

Tip two: Keep drawing until you find something that you want to expand upon.

Tip three: It doesn’t have to be perfect it is simply your sketchbook you get to choose if you share it with the Internet.

Tip four: Draw or paint outside get some fresh air and some sunshine in your in your session with sketchbook.

Tip Five: Scroll on pintrest and look at your feed to see if something inspires you.

Tip Six: Go back through old sketchbooks and look for a favorite drawing and redraw it in your current skill set.

Expanding on each tip.

Tip one: The greatest thing about being an artist it’s not always have an idea in mind and to let your creativity flow through your pencil or pen.

Tip two: Draw as many scheduled as many sketches as it takes To find what inspires you.

Tip three: Remember it is your sketchbook you get to choose if you like something we share it on the Internet. Or if it’s meant to just stay in your sketchbook try to do.

Tip four: Get on live go outside Have a chat with your followers and draw something.

Tip Five: Make an art prompt board and save things to it over time your feed will pop up new things to add it can inspire you.

Tip Six: Go through your old sketchbooks and find a drawing you loved redraw it. Depending on how long ago the orginal drawing was done nine times out of ten your skills have improved with drawing or painting. You just might make a huge new master piece.

Here are my links and my book.

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