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Sketchbook tour videos & email/website changes.

So, as I'm am looking at my notes on this blog post I am typing I realize two major things. I did my sketchbook tour videos a four-part series. I never had intentions on sharing my sketchbook just my artwork. 

If you've watched the videos, I am using one big purple binder. Currently this binder has 2018, 2019 and now 2020 artwork in it. Over the last couple of months, I have been getting more confident in sharing my artwork but importantly show in my face. Lately I've been so some basic sketches and then using some watercolors I got for Christmas. 

Dipping my toes in a swimming pool of unknown waters is scary. Heart pounding most times, but the importance is that in a growing more confident in who I am. I know that social anxiety is one of the things I suffer from and so art is my escape my safe place. 

Sometimes we all choose a way to cope with our inner demons and I found after years of self harming behavior that making art was a healthier choice. It allows me way to express my emotions and hoping that as I make more artwork and write my memoir that I can inspire someone else. We all don't hide our fears but we should be in search of the thing that makes them disappear when you're doing that task. For me that is where art comes in to the picture. I am in college for business and one of my dreams is to teach an art class to shoe people art can be a type of therapy.

Each year I put a topic to draw and expand on in 2018 it was roses then 2019 was lotus flower but this year I been doing hands. So far, I've draw four. I made a collage with three of them.

I am working on opening a resource library on my website for free line work but first I must fix the kinks with my shop on my website. I have ideas of a fox, some roses and one thing color by numbers but not sure yet.

I created two designs for Valentine's day. I am doing for copies of the two designs. Two of them have already sold. I am having some technical issues with my shop not showing up so if you want to purchase these designs send me a message here on the website or on my social medias.

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