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Spontaneous drawing tips

This week let’s talk about spontaneous drawing tips.

Here are some tips for improving your skill at spontaneous drawing:

  • Loosen up. Don't worry about perfection. The goal of spontaneity is to create freely. Let go of expectations.

  • Use your non-dominant hand. If you're right-handed, draw with your left. This forces you out of your comfort zone.

  • Set a time limit. Give yourself a short time frame, like 30 seconds, to complete a sketch. This prevents overthinking.

  • Draw everyday objects. Look around you and sketch what you see - a cup, keys, a plant etc. Familiar items are good practice.

  • Try blind contour drawing. Look at your subject but not at the paper. Draw the outlines without looking down at your hand.

  • Draw from memory. Pick a subject, study it briefly, then attempt to draw it from imagination. Memory drawing builds visual literacy.

  • Draw on the move. Sketch things during your commute or while walking. Capturing movement and gestures quickly develops spontaneity.

  • Use continuous lines. Don't lift your pencil from the paper. This creates a sense of flow and energy in the drawing.

  • Vary your drawing tools. Use pens, markers, crayons etc. Experiment with different textures and effects.

  • Date your work. Note when each sketch was created. It's motivating to see your progress over time.

The key is to relax, follow your intuition, and just create. Don't worry about the result, enjoy the process. Frequent practice will boost your spontaneous drawing abilities.

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