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Stressed out as a business owner but not burned out

Hello to all I am Marie from MariesArtEST2017. Today I want to talk about how slowed down a burn out as an artist and business owner.

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I came so very close to a burn out. Right toward the end of April I choose to slow down and get clear on my mission with my art work, my business. I choose to do something that would help me reach my audience goals with my social medias without burning out by deciding to do mermay. This is my first mermay. I been drawing mermaids even did a mermaid bullet journal theme. Doing well established art challenge allows you to get your artwork in front of more people by adding hashtags to your posts.

I've also made the updates I've been on the fence about with my website. I realized I've been slow to take risks in my business. I took a leap made the updates to my website last week still have more work to do but it made me realign with my purpose of my business.

My artwork was meant to help me with my mental health as well as inspiring people with artwork. I have made a new move that will be live on Sunday May 24th and I super excited about it. I am planning to make content on my social medias this week guided toward this announcement.

Mermay 2020 day 19

My goal is to grow my email list to ten people by the end of May. So, if you like these blog post and want to get nice freebies and bonuses please subscribe. You can enter your info on the home page of the website.

This was three flowers that was just meant to be a warm up. Until I relaized this was the first time in few months I just let an idea flow with out trying to force it.

Remember life is you canvas and you make it whatever you want it to be.

Sunday I have a huge anncoument and I excited about it.

My business goal updates for Where I wanted to be by June 2020.

My goals where:

1.) Make a video gallery on my website. 2.) Make a consitant email schedule.

3.) Make some freebie bonuses when you subscribe to email list.

Progess as of May 20, 2020:

1.) I have made the video gallery added seven videos planning to add more.

2.) I did make a conisitant email schedule. Monday is art or project updates. Thursdays is blog post emails.

3.) I have made two coloring pages and a mood tracker. Planning to make one more soon.

I have this blog post on the same topic:

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Xoxo, Mariesartest2017

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