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Stressful week for me.

Hello and welcome to my art and mental health blog.

Since I started this blog in 2018 I have gone though some major changes.

Both as a mother and as and artist.

We work hard to keep our mental health from our children.

Until they our of age to understand what happening.

My son is 4 and its starting to learn emotions.

He doesn't know it but her is helping me to regulate and negate my own emotions.

For someone with bipolar disorder that is amazing thing to do.

My emotions are all around the place.

Then I look at him and remember that I need to breathe.

Clam down and access the situation correctly.

I am learning some of the most important lessons as a single mom.

I was pretty much a mom from day one till about When my son was 1 years old.

Then my now ex husband tried to help me raise my son.

I didn't want my son growing up t0 disrespect women .

So, I for all the right reason filed for divorce and it was done on July 11th , 2023.

I been so busy with my nine to five job that I haven't been the best business owner.

Imposter syndrome is a bad thing.

I back and art will be soon as well.

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