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Talking about why I'm writing my memoir

Hey guys, so if you been watching my post once the last few months you have noticed I'm writing my memoir. But someone close to me asked wht am I since I want to be an artist. It throw me for a minute until I remembered my word for 2020 is "limitless" so finish s project start numerous times seems like a good idea. So, my goslvwith this post is to go in more detail about my memoir. So, you may be you wondering why an artist is writing a memoir. I'm during art as coping skills and coping mechanism for my mental helath. I've tried to write my story before but i get to dark events in my past and stop. My theme word for 2020 is "Limitless" and what better why to put that mantra into action than by completing something I've fail at before. Currently I've got three chapters wrote up for the first darft. I'm working on chapter four now. I made a design might do another coloring page.

Trying to decided if I want to animate the cover or not. If I do decide to do that I might pit source it someone. So this week I've found myself in a creative rut which is why I am taking custom drawing requests. So if you have anything you like me to draw or paint for you send me a message. If you like my design you can buy it for drawings it $5 and $7 for paintings. This include shipping and handling.

Since I am in a creative rut I decided to do some coloring pages for my self. I will share it with you along with the artist website and link to the coloring book. Her links are: Website: Amazon for coloring book:

If you haven't yet please follow me on my social medias and my website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Xoxo, MariesArtEST2017

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