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The same picture with different mediums used.

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

I love to find a color page that I really like and then make it with different mediums, so I done it once before intentionally and now I'm going it in perspective.

Here is my latest one. (Insert original pic). The original I found on Pinterest.

I've always enjoyed take one picture or color page and coloring it with different medias.

(This one was done with color pencils.)

I also changed the color plate up as I did each one. I really enjoyed doing process.

(This one I did with these scentos scented markers and one dark green sharpie.)

Then the last one I did digitally with this app that I've been absolutely loving it. You can do color pages they have on the app or upload your own.

(This one is digital artwork and it is done with a Crinkle style paper.)

Just some of my favorite works.

Post link here to the full video up on website and social media.

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