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The stranger in the panic room short story.

This week's been hard I will admit that. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. I have been stressed out and ignoring it for a while.

"Fight to over come all battles you face in this one life." - Marie Owens self quoter

I went back to my old roots and wrote a short story of sorts. I feel like it is good to write something that does not need to be a book. It has been a long time but here it comes. Working on my memoir and then doing a custom artwork took a huge chunk of my energy. I took a little break before working on typing up another book that I had already been working on.

Here my short story: The stranger in a panic room.

In my panic theirs a dark figure in the corner. It's just standing there watching me. Ignoring

the figure I go back to reading my book. I hear a whisper in my ear and my book falls on the floor. My panic room has a stranger in it.

Did a ghost investigation the other night. Did something follow me home? In a panic in my panic room, I grab a black candle and sage.

To cleanse my space I hear my phone buzz. I grab it to check it's a text from Dana. "Theirs a ghost in my home.

Did something follow us home?", said Danna. "Yes I think so we need to go back.", said Molly. Theirs a stranger in my panic room.

They went back and do a spirit box session. They spoke to someone or something that said yes you were followed. So, they lit sage and told them you aren't welcome to follow us anymore. Theirs a stranger in my panic room.

Sorry that this wasn't a long post but this is something I haven't done in a long time. Although it felt really good to write a short story.

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My Story of Overcoming: My Memoir by Marie Owens

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