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Things I'm into Right Now/Life update.

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Hello to all I wanted to just share some things I am enjoying right now. Ranging from a journaling challenge to a digital coloring app. These are the art work I've made so far from the app.

I like the different texture filters you can use. This is done with a concrete filters.

This is my recent one with water color filter. I love the shoe laces spell out the word love.

I did this journal challenge in February "Self-Love" created by Caitlin Da Sivla. I am redoing this challenge after seeing that she was redoing it in her August plan with me video. I've been posting the challenge each day to my art Instagram. (All links to Caitlin social, video and my pages will be at the end.) Today I want to share some hard truths. I don't have all my shit in order, and I am having some anxiety flair up's lately. So, I have been focusing on myself. Today I ready to get back to work but I laptop has taken a shit so trying to fix it. So, it's later and laptop is still down so this will be posted from my phone. I want to share an interesting idea, so I attempted to draw SpongeBob, but it turned out to look more like a wheat thin cracker. I am planning to leave it as an outlined sketch for now.

I hope you make all your days as magickal as possible. Never give up on your dreams.

End notes:

Credit to Caitan Da Silva for the self love challenge.

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