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Three things that help me relax

Today I want to talk about three things that help me relax.

  1. Since elementary school I’ve loved to read books.

  2. Since I was 20 I’ve loved to make art.

  3. Video games help me destress.

Let’s get more in-depth with these things.

  1. ReadIng has always been a passion of mine. I read so much in school that I got rewards. I was called a book nerd. But reading allows you to travel place from your comfort of your home or on a break at work. Currently I’m Im reading two books.

  1. When turned 20 I was in a library in the comic/craft section a how to draw flowers book stood out to me. So I picked it up and found my love of drawing/painting. It’s one thing that saved me and got me courage to get out of a toxic relationship.

3. Video games are an escape from my reality and allow me to break from my depression. I used to play call of duty. But now I play Harry Potter wizards unite, board lands and am planning to start a new game.

Here are my links and my book.

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